Punk Trumps Hate
I don't really want to say too much about this. It's just that I don't want to draw too much attention to who we are, and instead point you in the direction of what we want to achieve. These musicians are all friends of mine. Just some folks I met along the way. We've built something great together. So we made this thing to help draw attention to something that really needs backing up. We ask that you please submit, if you can, a donation to one of the following organizations. That's really why we're all in this.

Trans Lifeline
Planned Parenthood
It Gets Better Project
The Trevor Project

Stay tuned for cassette (and more) release information, all procedes of which will be donated to one of the aforementioned organizations.

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Track listing:
1. Lewis Turn Out - Wrap It Up
2. Night Witch - Bridges
3. Almost People - True Believers (The Bouncing Souls)
4. Mike Frazier - Parrot King
5. The Cherry Icees - Dysphoria
6. Tired - Nightmare
7. Pink Drinks - Coastal
8. Haunters - Divided
9. Mike Terry - Toast to the Hopeful
10. The Record Collection - With Or Without You (U2)
11. MeanGirls - Trans Exclusionary Radical Fecal Matter
12. Mikey Erg! - Resisting Tyrannical Government (Propagandhi)

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