Various Artists - We Can't Be Everything We Wanted to Be
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Track listing:
1. Direct Hit!- Snickers of Reece's(Pick Up the Pieces)
2. Let Me Run- CSJ*
3. Random Orbits- In the Dreams I Can Remember *
4. Black Sails, Western Shores- Hangover Radio
5. Mixtapes- Morning Sex and AM Radio *
6. Bouncing Souls- Ghosts on the Boardwalk(Acoustic)*
7. Micha Schabel- American Static
8. Copper Bones- Feel Alive ( Ex members of My Hotel Year)*
9. Think Big- Since When
10. American Aquarium- Nothing to Lose
11. The Please & Thank You's- Fucking Honestly
12. Anchor Arms- 1516 *
13. Plain States- Libby Montana(Members of Red City Radio)*
14. The Dirty Little Heaters- City Square
15. Over Stars and Gutters- Anthem on Sheridan
16. White Tiger and the Bed Of Roses- El Salvador Sex Riot
17. Madison Bloodbath- Me and Lonesome George
18. Why I Hate- These Four WAlls Are Yellow, Ms. Rigby*
19. Joey Cape- Angry Days*
20. Stereotyperider- Crush Us All(Seaweed Cover)
21. Sour Boy,Bitter Girl- Blood on Your Hands*
22. The Fresh Kills- Before the Storm
23. Look Mexico- Take it Upstairs, Einstein(Acoustic @ Havest for Hope)*
24. Jazz Hands- Balloon Boyz
25. Jay Heart Montreal - The Sandwiches Got Our Back
26. 10-4 Eleanor W/Jon Snodgrass- Austin's Song (Sour Boy,Bitter Girl Cover)*
27. Robot Spells Hell- Youngstown Tune-Up*
28. Hold Tight!- My Favorite Songs
29. Beat Noir- Postponed
30. The Dry Heathens- Splendid Little War
31. The Sandwiches- Bad Sandwiches and a Head Smashed on a Table*
32. Johnny Rev- Last December
33. Mourning Is for Suckers- If I'm Wrong*

Thanks to all of the bands who decided to participate! :D

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