Death To False Hope Records Comp Vol. 2
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Track listing:
1. Red City Radio- Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads
2. Captain,We're Sinking- Crushed By Milwaukee's Best
3. Carpenter- You Can't Keep a Good Man Down
4. 10-4 Eleanor- It's Alive
5. Why I Hate- The Symbol That Is Sewn,It's Not Who I'm known to Be
6. American War- Bricks
7. Off With Their Heads- I Am Me(Live @ The Brewery,Raleigh,Nc)
8. The Brass- Dead Solider Strut
9. Cold and Come of Age- Absolution RX
10. The Anchor- Yatching on a Bass Boat
11. Antillectual- Sponsorship for Life
12. Red Tape Parade- You Can Only Say What it is in French
13. Red Collar- Hands Up(Live@ The Piano Bar,Brooklyn,Ny)
14. Cold Carving- Cold
15. My Heart to Joy- Seasons in Verse
16. Random Orbits- The Gang Exploits a Miracle
17. Jay Heart Montreal- Calender Days
18. Fierce Brosnan- All We Have(2009 Mix)
19. Restorations- Franford
20. Anchors Arms- Rusty Nails
21. Police and Thieves- Harbors
22. Arliss Nancy- Rust
23. No Heroes- Neon Lights
24. The Sandwiches- I Got "Band" from

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