Death To False Hope Records Comp Vol. 1
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Track listing:
1. Red Tape Parade- Fingerprints
2. Project 27- Five Days
3. Red Collar- Used Guitars
4. The Ruining- Here is to Kyle’s New Face
5. Minnesota’s Calling- Whiskey Nights
6. Fist of the North Star- We Are Legion
7. Loudmouth- Plod On
8. The Martyr Saint- The Days You Would Ditch Class(Rock Mix)
9. Serf Combat- Start Afresh
10. The Fine Print- Left Unsaid
11. Hanalei- Twilight Gleam
12. The Great Explainer- I Finally Found my Dreamboat
13. Agent and the Patient- Muscle
14. Falcon/Whip- Friendly Reminder
15. 10-4 Eleanor- Needs More Tree Metaphors
16. No Where Fast- Medicated Good-Bye
17. The Carry-Ons- I Remember
18. I Hate My Friends- Cam Taylor Moves to Gainesville
19. Sons of People We Know- Fiery Homes
20. False Alarm- The Social Contract
21. Rad Vibes- Children’s Crusade
22. Echoes of Harper’s Ferry- Delmar
23.Maco Lights- Song 1
24. Bad Decisions- Movin’ to the Moon
25. The Ghost Rockets- Sunchild
26. The Sandwiches- Tom Gabel= OMG TABLE

Cover photo By Neil Cooler @ Fest 7

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